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Are you looking for a psychologist on the northern beaches?

Getting help can be a frightening experience for even the bravest of personality type. However the initial pain is definatly worth the gain. Roughly 5 million Australians every year experience some type of mental health condition every year from mild to severe. If you are suffering from any mental health condition it is imprtant to reach out for help most mental health conditions are treatable. There is no need to suffer in silence. northern beaches psychology


Roughly one million Australians suffer from depression every year and a further 3-4 million suffer from anxiety in some form every year. Meental health awareness is increasing over time and is no longer considered an embarrising situation in general to be seing a therapist. Most mental health issues are treatable and often a combination of therapy and medication may be needed. There is clear research suggesting therapy is often the most vital tool in someones recovery from a mental health condition.PNB

Manly Therapists

There are some amazing psychologist in Manly and the northern beaches if your needing a therapist you can contact us directly and we will provide at least three names of local psychologists that specialise in the type of psychology that will meet your needs

Finding the right psychologist

often this can be really hard there are many different types of psychologists that all specialise in different areas of treatment and work.

  • researchers
  • corporate
  • clinical (specialising in diagnosis
  • talk therapy
  • assesment

If you are seeking help generally you will want someone wo specialises in talk therapy help. It is important to sppeak to your therapist if you do not feel your therapy is going well. Often people give up if it does not work with the very first therapist they try therapy with. It is extremely important to seek a psychologist or counsellor you feel totally comfortable with.

Speaking to a therapist for the first time what to expect

Generally on your first visit the counsellor or psychologist will be hearing your story and taking a bit of background information. Therapy is not usually quick and it can take a few sessions for the real therapy to start.

How long do i need therapy for?

This is different for everyone and very often it will depend on how severe your problems or mental health condition is. Psychologists are similar to doctors in which they have a legal duty to be honest with you on how long therapy will likely be needed. Generally they really care and do not want you to be in therapy any longer than is needed.